The importance of equipment maintenance in the oil and gas industry

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One of the critical features in oil and gas industry is the active maintenance management within the machinery to establish both, the conditions for the safe ongoing operation of the plant and supporting the commercial success of the business. Companies need to understand the benefits of regular maintenance and overlook their cost for that matter. Eventually, effective maintenance management contributes to the oil and gas field equipment success.

Equipment maintenance is not just a must, but it is also a significant economic opportunity. When done well, companies can obtain the operational efficiency needed to navigate through volatile oil markets by extending the life of their equipment.

What is oilfield equipment maintenance?

Oilfield equipment maintenance services are the processes of preparing, maintaining, and restoring equipment before, during, and after oilfield production. Each phase of tasks is carefully handled to maintain the equipment, structures, and surrounding areas to fully operable safe conditions.

Conducting oilfield equipment maintenance enables the prevention of property loss/damage and the necessary equipment to protect all employees offshore.

Risks and causes

When it comes to equipment maintenance, extending operation beyond design life presents safety risks (including injuries), business risks, and operational challenges.

These risks affect significant business decisions and need to be quantified and managed as companies strive for continuous operations of aging equipment assets. Aging equipment may present increased challenges in maintaining equipment integrity, and therefore, will have to be managed accordingly.

The causes of aging equipment could be due to different degradation and risks over time, including the following:

  • Degraded materials due to corrosion
  • Erosion, wear or cracking
  • Equipment becoming obsolete, leading to potential lack of spares, or high cost of spares
  • Changes to engineering codes and standards
  • Lack of proper operation of equipment and materials

Key Benefits of equipment maintenance

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Damage prevention
  3. Increase safety
  4. Reduce expenses