Inflatable Liferaft Servicing: A Checklist for Maritime Safety Audits

Inflatable Liferafts Services

Ensuring the preparedness of safety equipment is crucial in the maritime sector. Inflatable liferafts are indispensable in emergency scenarios, and maintaining their dependability requires routine maintenance. By offering a thorough checklist for marine safety assessments, this blog enables shipowners and operators to maintain the highest levels of safety on board.

Checklist for Maritime Safety Audits

Regulatory Compliance:

Verify that the servicing schedule for inflatable liferafts complies with international requirements, particularly those specified in the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) conventions.
Verify that the service provider complies with the rules and regulations set forth by the UAE’s pertinent marine authorities.


Examine and confirm all supporting documents (certificates, inspection reports, and service records) for inflatable liferaft servicing.
Verify sure the paperwork is current and easily accessible for maritime officials to review.

Inspection of Expiry Dates:

Verify the expiration dates of vital parts such emergency supplies, inflating mechanisms, and CO2 cylinders. Any expired products should be replaced right away.
Verify that the liferaft has not passed its expiration date and is still within the recommended service life.

Functional Testing:

Perform comprehensive functional testing on the inflatable liferaft, which should include drills for deployment, pressure testing, and inflation.
Make that all safety features—like manual inflating mechanisms and hydrostatic releases—are in good operating order.

Physical Inspection:

Examine the liferaft for any obvious deterioration, wear, or damage to the materials.
Examine the liferaft canopy, grab lines, buoyancy chambers, and seams for integrity.

Emergency Equipment:

Verify that all of the liferaft’s emergency supplies, including first aid kits, signaling equipment, and water bottles, are present, undamaged, and in good working order.
Check that communication devices, such SARTs and EPIRBs, are working properly.

Servicing Provider Accreditation:

Make that the liferaft servicing provider has been approved and accredited by the appropriate maritime authorities.
Look for certifications that attest to a company’s dedication to quality management systems, such as ISO 9001:2015.

Training Records:

Verify that crew members have received the necessary training to deploy and operate inflatable liferafts.
Verify that all pertinent staff members have taken part in emergency drills by going over training documents.

Compliance with Manufacturer Guidelines:

Verify that the service provider adheres to suggested methods by comparing the liferaft servicing procedures with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Any departures from the manufacturer’s recommendations should be dealt with right away.

Emergency Procedures Manual:

-Check sure the emergency procedures manual for the liferaft is on board and accessible.
– Verify that the crew members can understand the language used in the handbook.


Q1: Why is servicing an inflatable liferaft important?

Regular servicing ensures that the inflatable liferaft is in proper working condition, ready to deploy in emergencies. It helps identify and address any issues that might compromise the liferaft’s functionality, ensuring the safety of those on board.

Q2.How often should inflatable liferafts be serviced?

The frequency of servicing is determined by a number of factors, such as international regulations and suggestions from manufacturers. Liferafts usually need to be serviced once a year or in accordance with SOLAS regulations. For detailed guidelines, check with the manufacturer and the appropriate marine authorities.

Q3.What does the inflatable liferaft servicing process involve?

The servicing process includes a thorough inspection of the liferaft’s components, functional testing, replacement of expired items, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. It may also involve repacking the liferaft and updating documentation.

Q5. Are there specific regulations for inflatable liferaft servicing in the UAE?

Yes, the UAE follows international maritime regulations, including SOLAS requirements for liferaft servicing. It is essential to be aware of and comply with local and international regulations to ensure maritime safety.

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